«Forestill deg en verden hvor hvert enkelt menneske på denne planeten har fri adgang til summen av all menneskelig viten» – Jimmy Wales.

Announcing the Public Policy Initiative Advisory Board

We are very pleased to announce that eight experts from the academic, nonprofit, and wiki communities have volunteered to join the Public Policy Initiative Advisory Board: Barry Bozeman is the Ander Crenshaw Professor and Regents’ Professor of Public Policy at the University of Georgia. His research interests include science and technology policy and higher education [...]

Welcome Wikipedia Ambassadors

Next week, the first Wikipedia Campus Ambassador training will take place at the George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, D.C. We invited about 20 Wikipedians, students, teaching assistants, librarians and professors to this three-day training event. The Trachtenberg School at GWU kindly offered to host the training, which includes a basic introduction to Wikipedia, a [...]

Work at Wikimedia, Community Department Open Call

At Wikimedia we are always looking to innovate – to try new things and see how they work. For instance, right now we’re re-thinking how we fill open positions in our newly formed Community Department. Rather than focus on traditional resources for hiring new talent, we have decided to put out a call to the [...]

Update on Translation Toolkit

Earlier today the folks over at Google provided an update on their progress using Translation Toolkit with volunteers and translators to improve the article count in smaller language versions of Wikipedia, including Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Swahili, Tamil and Telugu.  Google is a passionate believer in the need to translate and bring more high quality [...]

The Royal Cup bridges Wikipedia and the British Museum

A dispatch from Australian Wikimedia volunteer, Liam Wyatt, who recently completed a term as the first-ever Wikipedia-in-Residence at the British Museum in London. The Royal Gold Cup, today’s feature article on the English Wikipedia, is not only a fascinating object but it is also the culmination of an innovative project between the British Museum and [...]

Wikimedia announces new Board appointments

Today at the kick-off of our 6th annual Wikimania conference in Gdańsk, Poland, we were pleased to announce changes to our Board of Trustees.  We have a new Board Chair, Ting Chen, new Vice Chair and Treasurer, Stu West, and a new Secretary, Samuel Klein.  The Board today announced that it has appointed two Chapter-selected [...]

Wikimania and WikSym kick off in Gdańsk, Poland

Gdańsk, Poland is currently filled with several hundred wiki enthusiasts, as the city plays host to two of the major wiki-focused global conferences this week: Wikimania, the official conference of Wikimedians and the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, and WikiSym 2010, the 6th international symposium on wikis and open collaboration. This is the first time [...]

Chapters Committee Approves Wikimedia Chapter in India

The Wikimedia Foundation congratulates the newest official Wikimedia chapter: Wikimedia India! The Chapters Committee has unanimously approved the formation of WMIN, an important step towards building a stronger community of volunteers throughout the country. We’re extremely excited to see their good work recognized by this milestone achievement. Wikimedia’s 29 local chapters form a vital network [...]

Skillshare – The Slightly Different Open Content Event

Earlier in June, Germany’s first Skillshare conference took place under the patronage of Edelgard Bulmahn (Member of Parliament, former Federal Secretary of Education).  The conference set new standards for community events in the German-speaking Wikimedia universe. More than 150 volunteers from free content projects met in the picturesque town of Lüneburg; the attendees included young [...]

Årets bilde 2009 på Wikimedia Commons kåret

Årets bilde for 2009 ble nylig kåret på Wikimedia Commons. Bildet, som vises over, er av en sikh-pilgrim som nettopp har tatt et bad ved sikhenes hellige gylne tempel, Harmandir Sáhib. Årets bilde ble valgt blant de 890 bildene som fikk status som utmerkede bilder i løpet av 2009. Det ble holdt en avstemning på to [...]

New Wikipedia Interface Rollout Continues

The User Experience team is continuing to work with the community to roll out the new Wikipedia interface.  As you may know, starting April 2010, we began introducing the new interface on Wikimedia sites.  We began with Wikimedia Commons and have since rolled out the interface to 10 Wikipedias.  In the next phase of the roll-out, we [...]

WikiDashboard Revisited

Ed Chi, Principal Scientist, Area Manager of Augmented Social Cognition(ASC) at Palo Alto Research Center is a prominent pioneer in social computing and a prolific researcher in the underlying mechanisms in online social systems such as Wikipedia and social tagging sites. Ed gave the keynote talk on Modeling Social Media at the Hypertext 2010 conference [...]

Påmelding til årets Wikimania er åpen

Da er påmeldingen til årets Wikimania åpnet. Den internasjonale konferansen som trekker Wikipedianere og Wikimedianere fra hele verden, skal i år avholdes i Gdańsk i Polen, helgen 9. til 11. juli. Til nå er det tre nordmenn som er påmeldt, og vi håper at flere har lyst til å være med på konferansen.

Pending Changes for Wikipedia

Over the next few days, English language Wikipedia users may notice a small change on some articles: a little magnifying glass where a lock once was. The icon, on the upper right corner of the article, represents an important step that Wikipedia volunteers have taken to open up articles that were previously protected from editing. [...]

Wikimedia gears up for classes

I’m excited to announce that the Wikimedia Foundation’s new Public Policy Initiative is underway. We have hired four new staff members to get the project going: Annie Lin, LiAnna Davis, Sage Ross, and Amy Roth. Annie, LiAnna, Sage, and Amy are already hard at work on the initiative that will help inform how to best engage new [...]

Årets bilde 2009

Finalerunden i Årets bilde-konkurransen 2009 har nå begynt. Denne konkurransen avholdes hvert år på Wikimedia Commons, som er Wikimedia-prosjektenes felles bildedatabase.
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Wikimedia announces two new executive roles

Earlier today we announced two important new Chief Executive roles at the Wikimedia Foundation – our new Chief Community Officer (CCO) Zack Exley and our new Chief Global Development Officer (CGDO) Barry Newstead. These are two brand new roles for the Wikimedia Foundation.  The CCO will oversee and lead the development of our relationships with key [...]

New Wikipedia interface to nine more languages

We’d like to thank users for all the feedback and comments about the new user interface which was enabled to English Wikipedia on May 13, 2010. The summary of feedback will be published soon. I’d like to address a few of the points you’ve made here: a lot of you reported that the location of [...]

Ukebrev 30. mai 2010

Det har skjedd litt forskjellig ting de siste ukene siden forrige ukebrev. Endel større ting er allerede lagt ut her og på wikien, men her er i hvertfall noen kulepunkter av hva som har skjedd. Det er gjennomført styremøte den 18. mai. Referatet ligger ute på wikien Wikipedia på bokmål og riksmål har fått sin [...]

Wikimedia Sverige brings important images to Wikimedia Commons

This week, Wikimedia Sverige announced an important ongoing partnership with international media group, Bonnier, releasing freely-licensed photographs to Wikimedia Commons. The media group has released 27 photographs of notable Swedish authors to Wikimedia Commons under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and plans to continue releasing photographs in the future. Authors included in the first [...]

Fremtiden for aviser

Det er ingen fremtid for papiraviser. Du kan like godt venne deg til tanken. Papir er dødt. Betyr det at journalistikken er død? Så absolutt ikke! Det vil alltid være et behov for å formidle informasjon, og noen til å gjøre jobben.

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Trykking av t-skjorter, hva bør være på dem?

Wikimedia Norge har fått til en avtale om trykking av t-skjorter og andre profileringsartikler. Nå inviterer vi alle våre medlemmer og fans til å komme med forslag til hva vi bør ha av profileringsartikler (utenom T-skjorter), samt hva t-skjortene bør inneholde (slagord, hvilke(n) av logoene vi skal bruke, etc). Kom med forslag på hjemmesiden vår [...]

Wikimedia Israel kommet et godt stykke på vei med å reformere Israels åndsverkslov

Wikimedia Israel har fått et kjempebra gjennomslag med sitt arbeid for å fjernet opphavsretten på bilder som av staten har opphavsretten på, og i Knesset ble forslaget om å jobbe videre med dette vedtatt enstemmig. Se orienteringsepost gjengitt under. Wikimedia Norge gratulerer Wikimedia Israel som har jobbet lenge med å få til dette, og håper [...]